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Seller's Checklist for a Smooth Home Inspection

We at Advantage Inspection understand that many times the inspection process is time sensitive and essential for an expedient closing. That is why we have prepared this pre-inspection checklist so that we can do our job efficiently. First, we would like to answer some of the commonly asked questions about our service:

What is a home inspection?
We are a real estate support service that evaluates the overall structural, mechanical and electrical condition of the home. We examine nearly all-visible construction components and evaluate whether these items are still serviceable. We make notations of items that may need attention to help preserve their long-term integrity. We also give our client helpful advice on general home maintenance.

Is this a code compliance inspection?
No. Many homes were built before codes were ever established. When codes were established, many counties adopted (enforced) their own version of these building codes. It would be impossible to verify the governing code for every time period in every county and make a compliance type inspection. We only make code comparisons to current insulation standards, and any safety-related items. (Examples: picket spacing too far apart on a balcony handrail or the absence of a smoke detector).

Insure that all electrical panels, mechanical systems and attic entries are accessible (South Carolina Licensed Home Inspectors are not allowed to move personal property of any kind)
Confirm that all utilities are on and pilot flames are ignited
Please provide keys for all doors & gates
Please make sure that all domestic animals are secured
Change or clean dirty A/C filters
Clean range exhaust filter if there is a greasy build up (fire hazard)
Check batteries in smoke detector
Free windows that have been painted shut
Replace torn weather stripping around exterior doors
Replace any missing switch or receptacle covers
Replace non-working ligh bulbs
Clean gutters and down spouts
Trim back any tree limbs that may be touching the roof of the house
Keep foundation vents open  (except in frigid weather)
Have your HVAC system serviced if it has been over a year since the last service
Call Advantage Inspection if you have any questions about how to prepare your house for inspection