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Obtaining Warranty Coverage

  1. AHW will provide a qualified contractor to repair or replace "covered" appliances and system components due to normal wear. These components and appliances must be located within the perimeter foundation of the primary residence or attached garage except for the air conditioner and exterior well pump. Coverage is for owned or rented residential property only. Any property used for commercial or business purposes is not covered. Coverage is subject to limitations and conditions specified in this contract and includes only those items described as “covered” and excludes all others. Please read your contract carefully.

  2. Air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, well pumps and roof leaks are covered for the buyer only. Optional Seller's coverage is available for heating and air conditioning equipment.

  3. To obtain coverage, Sellers and Buyers must first have their home inspected by an Advantage Inspection company to determine the current condition of items and major systems covered by this service contract. If the inspection has not already been performed, please call Advantage Home Warranty toll free at 877-577-4742 for assistance in scheduling the inspection appointment. The client authorizes AHW to obtain a copy of the inspection report from the inspection company. The warranty application can be taken by phone or faxed to AHW on our toll free number: 800-350-6123 or the application can be mailed to Advantage Home Warranty - PO Box 3917 Greenville, SC 29608. The warranty application must be submitted within 30 days from the date of the inspection. The warranty application will be processed and a confirmation number will be issued.

  4. If the inspection report reveals defects or maintenance is needed on items covered by this contract, then these specific items will be excluded until they are repaired and/or serviced. AHW will provide you (and the real estate agent if applicable) a summary of repairs that affect covered systems or appliances. Proof of repairs made or maintenance performed, such as receipts or letters of completion from a licensed contractor, must be submitted (faxed or mailed) to AHW. If receipts are used as proof, the contractor's telephone number must appear on the receipt. If the homeowner makes needed repairs of a non-technical nature, the homeowner or real estate agent can submit a statement of completed repairs or the same company that performed the original inspection can re-inspect the repaired items.