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Systems & Appliances Eligible for Coverage

COVERED FOR SELLER AND BUYER:  Main service entrance capacity for existing loads at the time of the inspection (except for 60 amp service installations), alternating current (AC) electrical wiring & components within the confines of the perimeter of house and attached garage, proper wire size in relation to over current protection devices (except when plug or cartridge fuses are used - fuses can be easily changed post inspection), grounding conductors and connectors, receptacle function and polarity, breakers and ground fault circuit interrupter(s).

ADDITIONAL ITEMS COVERED FOR BUYER:  Light fixtures - (except burned out light bulbs and breakage of fixture globes and covers), garage door openers - (except remote control sending units), attic fans, exhaust fans, doorbells and ceiling fans.

NOT COVERED:  Utility meter box and service entrance cables, central vacuum systems, whole house fans, alarms, intercoms, power surge or power failure, home entertainment equipment and security systems. AHW is not liable for personal injury resulting from the malfunction or absence of ground fault circuit interrupter(s), grounding or bonding of the electrical system.

WATER DISTRIBUTION:  Leaks and breaks to water piping and hose bibs within the perimeter of house and attached garage, inadequate or excessive water pressure when water is supplied by public utility and at least 55 psi at the time of inspection, pressure regulators, flow restrictions in water lines caused by rust or corrosion, proper support of water lines where visible.

BUILDING DRAINAGE SYSTEM:  Leaks or breaks in the waste lines or vent lines, permanently installed sump pumps, clearing of clogged drains within the foundation perimeter of house and attached garage (except if caused by foreign objects being placed in the plumbing system).

INTERIOR FIXTURES:  The ball cock assembly within the toilet to include the flush valve, refill tube, float ball, overflow pipe, tank lever and flapper, toilet bowl wax seal, standard shower valves and diverter for tub or shower, standard bathtub and shower faucets, whirlpool motor, standard sink faucets, angle stops and valves.

NOT COVERED:  Leaks and clogs in piping from utility service to the house, toilet tanks and bowls, toilet seats, scratches, chips, or dents on sinks, caulking and grouting, bathtub or shower enclosures, shower pans, shower heads, septic tanks and leach fields, water softeners, sewage lift stations, storage tanks, saunas or steam rooms fire and lawn sprinklers and replacement of polybutylene piping.

COVERED FOR SELLER AND BUYER:  Gas or electric water heaters (up to 80 gallons), tank leaks, thermostats, heating elements, gas valves, thermocouple, temperature and pressure relief valve, and circulating pumps.

NOT COVERED:  Instant hot water dispenser, thermal expansion tanks, noise, flues, ancillary storage tanks, oil hot water tanks or oil storage tanks, solar water heaters and components.

  4.  WELL PUMP:
COVERED FOR BUYER:  Motor, pump, impellers, and seals of above ground well pump used as the sole source of potable water for the main dwelling only.

NOT COVERED:  Holding tanks, booster pumps, well casings, well contamination, wells that water source has dried up or inadequate water level, re-drilling, boring or excavation of wells.

COVERED FOR BUYER:  Components of the heating systems to include: heat pump(s), gas, oil, and electric furnaces, steam / hot water systems, thermostats, heat exchangers and / or combustion chambers, wall mounted units if used for main source of heat, interior gas and oil lines, freon recapture and equipment disposal.

NOT COVERED:  Improperly sized systems, systems with mismatched capacity with blower motor sections or evaporator coil per manufacturer’s specifications. Fuel storage tanks, portable units, heat lamps, fireplaces, gas logs and key valves, wood stoves or inserts, auxiliary space heaters, chimneys, flues, coal burning equipment, solar heating systems, underground piping or components outside the foundation perimeter of house and attached garage (including well pumps) for geothermal and / or water source heat pumps, cable heat, filters, and humidifiers.

COVERED FOR BUYER:  Central electric air conditioning systems and related components including freon recapture and equipment disposal. System must be centrally ducted and permanently mounted.

NOT COVERED:  Any heating or cooling units with capacities exceeding five tons, improperly sized systems, systems with mismatched capacity with blower motor sections or evaporator coil per manufacturer’s specifications. Gas absorption units, registers and grills, non-ducted units, window units, gas air conditioning systems, airflow filters including electronic filters, and humidifiers.

COVERED FOR SELLER AND BUYER:  Ducts from air handler equipment to the point of attachment to grills.

NOT COVERED:  Adequacy of duct insulation, balanced airflow, asbestos-insulated ductwork and any ductwork encased in concrete slab.

COVERED FOR BUYER:  Structurally significant wood rot or decay in sub-structure framing or attic framing.

NOT COVERED:  Treatment for wood destroying insects. Interior and exterior walls of house and garage, any area of crawl space or attic noted as not visible or not inspected by the inspection report. AHW is not responsible for repairs due to structural changes made after the inspection, failure to keep foundation and attic vents open, failure to maintain grout or caulking, soil movement, fire, lightning, freezing, electrical and/or water failure or surge, earthquake, storms, or acts of God.

COVERED FOR BUYER:  Water leaks must occur during coverage period for coverage to apply.

NOT COVERED:  Gutters, down spouts, splash blocks or drain lines, roof-mounted installations, leaks in any deck or balcony, leaks which result from persons walking on the roof, failure to perform normal roof maintenance such as keeping valleys clear of debris or trimming back tree limbs. Acts of God such as fire, severe storms, earthquake and lightning. Improper construction or improper repair. Consequential or secondary damages to attic insulation, ceilings, walls, floor coverings, equipment, or personal property are specifically not covered.

COVERED FOR BUYER AND SELLER:  APPLIANCES TO INCLUDE ONE EACH: OVEN / RANGE, DISHWASHER, REFRIGERATOR, TRASH COMPACTOR, BUILT-IN MICROWAVE, GARBAGE DISPOSAL. Appliances in primary kitchen that are built-in and present when the home is inspected and remain in primary kitchen. Freezer must be integral with refrigerator.

NOT COVERED:  Any appliance that was determined by the inspection to be defective, obsolete or past its useful life. Any loss or damage of a cosmetic nature such as chipping, denting, scratches, etc., the cost of access or repair or replacement of cabinets or countertops, baskets, racks, rollers, soap dispensers, drawers, clocks, timers, shelves, ice makers, ice and beverage dispensers, interior thermal shells, food spoilage, ceramic cook tops, cooking accessories, self cleaning mechanisms, interior lining, door seals, door hinges, keys, locks, latches, door glass, rotisseries.


COVERAGE AVAILABLE FOR BUYER:  Both pool and spa pump and heating systems (including exterior hot tub and whirlpool) are covered when they utilize common equipment. Additional fee will apply to independent pool & spa equipment.

NOT COVERED:  Covers & disposable filtration mediums, liners, lights, concrete encased or underground utilities (gas, electrical, plumbing ) structural defects, fuel tanks, jets, solar equipment, pool sweeps or other cleaning equipment.

Same coverage applies to Seller as described under #5 Heating System and #6 Air Conditioning System. The Seller is responsible for providing a credit card for optional HVAC coverage, which will be charged if the closing does not occur within 180 days. If the inspection report notes that the HVAC equipment needs serviced, then proof of service by a HVAC contractor is required before seller's coverage can be activated. Seller HVAC coverage limitation is $1,500.