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Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. SELLERíS COVERAGE begins upon issuance of a confirmation number by AHW and continues for 180 days or until close of sale, or until listing is canceled, whichever occurs first. In the event the real estate closing does not take place within the 180 day period, AHW, in its sole discretion, may extend the Sellerís coverage.

  2. BUYER’S COVERAGE begins upon issuance of a confirmation number by AHW (provided the plan fee is paid to AHW) and continues for one year from that date. Any payments made for repairs or replacements during the seller’s period shall apply towards any aggregate limitations described in F.17.

  3. VACANT HOMES are covered during the listing period as long as utility service to the home is maintained and the temperature inside the home does not drop below 50 degrees. The water must be on before the house is inspected to determine if existing leaks are present. In cold climates, vacant homes must be winterized.

  4. COVERAGE FOR LEASE PURCHASE AGREEMENTS is only available for the lessee.

  5. SECONDARY DWELLINGS and MULTIPLE UNITS within one main structure must have separate AHW contracts for each unit. Common areas, systems and appliances are excluded.

  6. MOBILE HOMES must have a permanent foundation.

  7. TO TRANSFER COVERAGE to a new owner during the contract period, call toll free 877-577-4742.

  8. RENEWAL OF SERVICE AGREEMENT will be at the option of AHW and where permitted by state law.

  9. THIS AGREEMENT IS NON-CANCELABLE, except for fraud, nonpayment of contract fees, nonpayment of service deductible fee(s) over 60 days or when listing coverage expires or listing is terminated.

  10. New construction contract term shall begin one year after the close of sale and shall continue three years from that date.